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Keighley's first day as junior designer at Depict Creative

First days with us are anything but a normal day in the office...

My first day with Depict was not a normal day in the office by any means, but it ended up being a fantastically memorable one, it became memorable because it was not your typical day in the office, it lent me new experiences to learn and grow as I start my career as a Junior Graphic Designer.

I began the day meeting Nick in Costa, Nick explained that we’ll be spending the day with the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre cast and crew. Videoing and documenting the press launch for their new play, Ladies’ Day written by Amanda Whittington. After explaining the day, we went and met Aaron, a filmmaker who works heavily with Depict Creative – he who was lovely to work with and practically a video wizard.

I then was introduced to two of the stars from the show, Emma Rigby, who was a former Hollyoaks star and Roisin O’Neill, an Irish actress who recently starred in the ‘The Darkest Hour’, alongside Gary Oldman. From the get-go, I was a little star struck as I had watched the film the previous night and recognised Emma from the television. However what struck me was how human they were, they all spent the day relaxing and joking with the crew, but I was allowed to sit in the interviews they had as part of the press launch. Both Emma and Roisin were articulate in their answers, but both mentioned they were nervous and didn’t like giving interviews, so it was a real insight into the normality of celebrities. Also in the play was former Emmerdale actress Deena Payne and former Eastenders star, Cheryl Fergison. Both had me and the crew in stitches throughout the day, Deena was a larger-than-life type of character and Cheryl, was the type of person who didn’t take herself too seriously and had the most distinctive laugh imaginable.

I also met Tony Christie, whose songs are featured in the play and Rosin’s character, Linda has an obsession with. Tony was also delightful to work with, he spent most of the day chatting with everyone on set and had the best dress sense. Also starring alongside the girls, actor Sean Mckenzie, who has appeared on programmes such as Holby City and Downton Abbey. Sean plays six characters, so that was a testament to his acting abilities but was a top lad, he was funny and very down-to-earth.

It was a real pleasure to see was the passion and enthusiasm that Nick, my new Creative Director demonstrated throughout the day, especially seeing Nick and Aaron fanboying over their new equipment, Nick readily shared with me new processes and techniques. I was given a real sense of passion and professionalism for the work that Depict Creative take on, which I hope to grasp and learn from.

In the play, there is a misquote that say’s ‘the world is your lobster.’ I think after such an amazing experience, especially only on my first day, I truly feel with Depict that the world is my lobster, and I’m looking forward to the new experiences and challenges ahead.