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What makes a good logo design?

So you are looking for a logo design company in Wolverhampton, but do you know what goes into making a good one?

Logo Design - Things To Consider

A company logo design is an integral part of any businesses branding, as it is usually the first element most potential customers come into contact with. As a result, it is crucial to make sure when creating your logo, that it truly represents your brand, what services you provide and that it connects with your customer base and target audience.

Therefore there are several factors that go into creating a successful logo, they’ll change depending on the clients needs and industry but the basics remain the same. These 4 aspects to consider are; simplicity, distinction, longevity and adaptability.

Keep it simple
Many of the most impactful logos in history are surprisingly simple, from Nike’s single swoosh to Apple’s titular design, they are instantly recognisable. Simplicity is key, as consumers only focus on a logo for a short time but get it right and they will connect to it for a lifetime! Your logo design should be the window that shows your audience what you do, expresses your brand’s personality and portrays its values.

Make a distinction
Be different! Its all about making a logo distinct. A strong and unique logo will help you cut through a crowded market and elevate you above your competitors. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be unique because everyday, we are being pounded by logo's. There are millions of the little suckers out there all baying for our attention, and an overwhelming number of consumers are now exposed to brand packaging, promotion and advertising. Making sure yours is created by a team of professionals is the best chance you can give yourself to stand proud and be noticed.

Make it timeless
A company logo needs to be robust and stand the test of time. How will it look in 10, 15 or even 20 years time? Leave the trends behind and focus on the longevity of your logo. We understand that sometimes there is a need to undertake a complete rebrand or a refresh but don't be too hasty to look at your logo if things are going a bit fuzzy with your brand. Look at the bigger picture of your branding and communications too.

Think small
An adaptable logo is key, it won’t always be applied to huge billboards. Most likely, it will be applied to a wide range of small media from pin badges to favicons or business cards. Does it work on such small scales? The crafting process of a good logo design will have given consideration to the way it looks on a small scale, from distance, in other colours and in different shapes to suit things like social media profile photo's. It has to work everywhere!