Alternative Giving Campaign

Street begging is a visible issue that has been present in Wolverhampton for many years. We created the brand identity and style for the scheme which helps get the homeless people off the streets.

What did we do?

Alternative Giving is an initiative taking place in Wolverhampton. The Wolverhampton Partnership has seen an increase in reports of street begging from city residents and visitors. We were approached by to work with various organisations to assist with the creation and branding an ‘Alternative Giving Scheme’.

Charity Website Design Wolverhampton Alternative Giving Campaign
Charity Branding Logo Design Wolverhampton
Charity Website Design Wolverhampton Alternative Giving Campaign
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A large proportion of those begging are in fact accommodated and not homeless and there are a number of individuals from outside the city centre that travel into Wolverhampton specifically to beg due to the opportunities and profitability of the venture.

The Alternative Giving Campaign aims to make a big change by using small change, the kind that is donated. By placing donation points through the city, people who want to give to the homeless and vulnerable can be sure that their donation is going to those who need a support service.

Charity Website Design Wolverhampton Alternative Giving Campaign
Posters Infographic Wolverhampton Alternative Giving Campaign

The three small charities involved in the Alternative Giving Campaign do a tremendous job and, during Small Charity Week, I would urge people to find out more about the excellent work they do.

Councillor John Reynolds

City of Wolverhampton Cabinet Member for City Economy

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Alternative Giving Campaign Branding Design
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