Brand Name Workshops

What's in a name?

We assist clients in creating names for their businesses or products. This can be right at the very beginning of their journey or, for some who have been trading for years and feel the need for change.

We know what it’s like to sit in the office and throw around potential company name ideas. Someone thinks an idea is great and another, well, doesn’t. Progress can stall and the actual development of a new brand name can get pushed back and never gets going.

We run workshops in a space away from your familiar surroundings, where ideas can blossom and team members can speak freely about their ideas. They also prove to be great team building sessions because we invite staff from all levels of your hierarchy. Our workshops generally run for half a day - any more and we find that concentration can lapse and the enthusiasm in the group can drop. We want you to go away feeling energised and take proactive steps.

During the workshops we engage your group with:

- Word Association Activities
- Explore Competitive Namescapes
- Discuss Various Name Groups
- Free Association
- The Hollywood Effect
- Expansion & Word Building