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Retainer Work

Do you produce a lot of marketing material on a regular basis? Working with us through a retainer package is a cost effective way to create all the things you need regularly such as; adverts, leaflets, website management, content creation, banners and in fact, a retainer package can cover everything you need.

Long Term Creative Partnerships

Save money and build trust!

We are certain that the clients we know best are those who we have on monthly retainers.

Becoming your creative partner means you can throw just about anything at us and it's all covered as part of your monthly fee. A fee that gives you a certain number of hours each month that you can use for your marketing activity - in print and in digital work. We don't set our fees for you to choose from. We discuss with you beforehand how much work you think will be done in a typical month, where the busy periods might fall and then we begin to build a retainer package that is right for you and your budget.

Did we mention you get a discount for being a monthly creative partner?

“The flexibility of our retainer with Depict allows us to request tasks and know they will be done quickly and we don’t have to think too much about the costs. We couldn’t operate without this way of working.”

- Joseph Hunter, Operations Manager

Benefits of a Retainer Package:

  1. Save Money

    Budget conscious method of marketing your business

  2. Develop Trust

    Forge strong partnerships with us long term and we will develop a sound understanding of your business.

  3. You Get What You Want

    Create your own package - Print, Digital and Website work can be included so you get what you want.

  4. Roll Over Unused Hours

    We operate a roll over policy - If you don’t use up your hours for a given month, we add them on to your next monthly allowance*.

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