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Which social media platform should I use? How to decide

In 2019, near enough everyone who has access to the internet is on social media. But as a business owner, you may not know how to use social media to your business’ advantage.

Like, Share, Follow... repeat!

Staying on top of social media, business-wise, is a fickle matter. Social media practices, trends and new channels are constantly being introduced. It requires a lot of dedication and time. For small business owners, it’s a jungle to decide which one is best for you. So to help save time, we’ve selected the most popular ones on offer to choose from, we’ll discuss:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn

By far the most popular, with more than two billion users. You can find literally anyone on Facebook, including that ex-girlfriend from school. That means almost everyone in your customer base is on Facebook. It allows you to share almost any content and turn your page into a community. From behind-the-scene looks to new deals on your services. Facebook by far is the most versatile and popular social media network on offer!

Easily the most accessible network out there, Twitter gives its users a steady stream of information on a daily basis. It allows the most popular brands in the world to appear more accessible to it’s users as they can directly tweet them and they can respond almost immediately. However, Twitter limits its users' tweets to 280 characters or less, so that means all content needs to be quick and concise. If you want a social media network where you can share short and sharp messages, then Twitter is the one for you!

Instagram is the network that is down with the kids, as the majority of its users are under 25. Therefore, it is the perfect network if your target demographic is mainly young adults. Photos and short clips perform exceptionally well, it also allows you to connect your other social media accounts so you can share photos across different platforms.

The platform with a shirt and tie, LinkedIn is the best platform in terms of professionalism. It is a social community full of business owners who share content on a professional basis. Making it more formal than the other social media platforms, it is best for companies that want businesses as its client rather than marketing directly to its demographic.

Team D.C

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